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We are excited to present to you the 3x3 African Quest competition. We will kickoff with the 1st African 3x3 Pro League Introduction Webinar hosted by FIBA on the 8th of Feb 2023. The Webinar aims to give an introduction to the competition as well as a chance for players, event organisers, referees, technical officials, coaches, team managers, sponsors and volunteers attending the webinar to get involved in the FIBA 3x3 professional circuit. To attend the webinar, please visit and sign up. See you there!

Please visit the and sign up

There will be four qualifiers, each held in Johannesburg, Durban, Gqeberha and Cape Town where teams across South Africa are invited to take part. The winners from each city will qualify for the FIBA3x3 African Quest Event on the 22rd to 25th June 2023, Johannesburg, South Africa. Winners of the African Quest Event will qualify for the Quest Finals held in Benin in October

3x3 African Quest stops for the Quest Final held in Benin.

We look forward to partnering with event organisers, sponsors, technical directors, officials, referees, coaches, team managers and teams on having a successful African 3x3 Professional League the country has ever seen.

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3x3 Balling Sessions are a series of 3x3 tournaments staged twice a month. The 2023 Balling Sessions is set to start with the Qualifiers from July and end in November. The finals will be played in December.

Winners of each session will qualify for the Balling Sessions Finals. The 2022 season had a cash prize of R3000. The 2023 season will have an estimated R20,000 cash prize.

Team registration is strictly teams with a minimum of 20,000 points.

We strongly advise teams to actively participate in FIBA3X3 endorsed tournaments to maximise on their individual player ranking points, in turn improving their team and federation rankings.

See our events section for other upcoming endorsed events.

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